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Sunday, 10 December 2017

Cymru/Wales:Bipolar Nation

Bipolar Nation
How dare you call the Land of my Fathers mentally ill you sexist pig?
Soch Soch hunny bunny
and I ain't translating that in case you crash.
Got yer stash?
Don't know which spoke to speak aye
Dwi ddim yn hapus Gladys
Visit Wales
the land of snails
cos there are no jobs
We're as high as the soccer euros
and as low as the six nations
some prefer the oval ball
some prefer to do fuck all
Housing Estates & Bargain Booze
Pint and a Fight and then a Snooze
We're extremely fucked, we really are
with unionists and separatists standing at the bar.
Like Northern Ireland without the religion
It was Lloyd George who carved up that pigeon
Paranoid and full of fear
The Welsh really do love their beer
Carmarthen gets S4C
Cardiff gets the Assembly they didn't vote for
You don't know whether to laugh or cry
For King and Country we'll live or die
Trouble is which king and which country
cos Cilmeri was ddoe
and yesterday all our troubles seemed so far away.
"It's Syr Gareth Edwards down in the corner"

Friday, 8 December 2017


Excuse me, but I'm busy avoiding

Present Buying
Sending Cards
a Bong
Social Interaction
Drug Dealers
Religious Fanatics
Right Wing Zealots
Dangerous Dogs
Dangerous Dogs' Poo
Dangerous Dogs' Owners
Ben Fogle
Jeremy Clarkson
Nigel Farage
The Exit Sign
that says Brexit
Every Conservative, they are to blame
and every Blairite cos they are the same
Double Glazing Sales Persons
Taxi Drivers
Bus Drivers
Street Vendors
Window Cleaners
The Wealthy
Petrol Heads
School Children
Santa Claus
The News
The Scummy Sun
Katie Hopkins
Donald Trump
Jacob Rees Mogg
and his dog
Rugby Players
Ruth Davidson 
Arlene Foster
Serial Killers
Grave Diggers
Phone Callers
E Mailers
The Military
 use of the word 'Principality'
The Royal Family
Do Gooders
Mentalists like me
Anything that's free
cos there'll be a catch
most reptiles
my dark shadow

Excuse me, but I'm busy avoiding life

Shabby Shambles

I cannot be a well man if I have returned to writing in the English Language but I gorra pen a few words about the 'shabby shambles' we do ave, jutting out to sea like the arse end of a ship! Duw, there's lot of words beginning with 'SH' in Wenglish eg shabby, shambles, sharks, shadwell & 💩. The sham assembly or the 'Shenedd' if you were a Welsh Speaker imitating Sean Connery.  
Where to begin? well what about Page 18 of today's WM (Western Mail) with a huge photograph of BJ (Bethan Jenkins) the troubled AM for South Wales West since 2007, the chair of the Assembly's Culture,Welsh Language and Communications Committee. The irony of the piece is that she is moaning about the lack of communication within PC (Plaid Cymru) group in the Arsembly.
The Shenedd is not a happy place at the moment as you only have to go to Page 4 where another 'sh' Martin 'Shippo' Shipton is going great guns on the CJ & CS affair. (Carwyn Jones & Carl Sargeant) If you don't know the why's and wherefore's of that case then heaven help you butty innit! Over on the Letters Page (33) my ol' mate 'Gwyn Buster Meredith' of Brynmawr is taking a pop at 'Welsh Nationalists' Ych a fi. On page 26 of the Business (not Pleasure) pages we are confronted with an even huger picture of the foundations of the new HMRC/DWP building which again ironically is being built on the site of the old Western Mail premises. British building bricks built upon older ones. I have covered these whole shabby episodes in previous posts. If a Doctor from the much maligned Welsh NHS was to take the temperature of the Arsembly/Shenedd at the moment, she/he would have to decide whether to put the thermometer in the armpit or up the arsehole, because the mouthpiece is missing. 
The Welsh Government/Parliament/Senate/Coven call it what you will, is a sick institution presiding over a terminally ill country. Imagine the scene as the building closes down for the Christmas Holidays. The last person to leave the building is CJ (Carwyn Jones) in his big black long coat. The key as big as something that would open a Shakespearean dungeon. There in the dim light of a frozen Dock's night dragging on a cigarette between pursed lips is LA (Leighton Andrews) No words are exchanged between them, the look is enough as we have a pull away long shot to accompanying harmonica music. Somebody shouts "Thar she blows" as Andrew RT Davies' white and bloated body is brought ashore covered in harpoons. Terracotta soldiers march from bar to bar singing well rehearsed Christmas carols that do not detract from the party line. Everyone plays it by the book. Apparently we will see the emergence of a new Political Party in Wales in 2018. Let's just hope that the name they finally choose for that, doesn't begin with 'sh' as well.     

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Rants Iechyd y Meddwl/Mental Health Rants


'Rant' mae'r gair ei hun yn un crac ac un flêr. Mae yna ddicter yn y gair a dyna sut dwi yn edrych ar Iechyd y Meddwl. Dim Iechyd Meddwl ond iechyd y meddwl. Iechyd sydd yn perthyn i'r meddwl. Dwi'n dod o gyfnod y punks ble roedd y neges yn y gerddoriaeth ac yn y wisg. Capel ar y Sul a safety pins gweddill yr wythnos! As if! Na os dwi'n debyg i chi dwi'n hanu o deulu a thraddodiad parchus Cymraeg ond dydy iechyd y meddwl ddim yn barchus. Weithiau mae yn gallu gweiddi'r gair 'Cont' allan yn uchel ac yn atseiniol. Dwi ddim yn meddwl fod yna digon o le yn gymdeithas i fynegi rhwystredigaeth a dicter. Dyna un rheswm am gymaint o drais yn y cartref. Dydy o ddim yn esgus amdano fo o’n mae yn rheswm. Mae defnydd o gyffuriau cyfreithlon yn gallu gwneud o yn waeth. Alcohol 'the go to drug of choice' i bobol barchus Cymru yn achosi mwy o broblemau na chanabis a cocaine tybiwn ni. Ond o beth rydym ni yn ceisio ffoi? Oddiwrth beth rydym ni yn rhedeg? Y ffaith ein bod yn feidrol ac yn mynd i farw heb sylweddoli ein huchelgeisiau? Beth ydy'r cysgod mawr yma sydd yn cyhwfan drosom ni gyd ac i'r rhai anffortunus (neu ffortunus) mae yn troi mewn i afiechyd y meddwl. Dwi ddim yn teimlo fod yna digon o drugaredd a haelioni yn y byd. Mae rhaid i ni weld mwy o hyn yn ein bywydau bob dydd yn lle gweld erchyllterau'r byd ar y newyddion 24/7. Os ydych mewn sefyllfa argyfwng yn ein cymdeithas pwy sydd yn cael ei alw (yn dibynnu ar ble dych chi'n byw: y loteri cod post bondigrybwyll) gan amlaf yng Nghymru, yr Heddlu sydd yn cael ei galw. Dim am ddim maent yn cael ei galw 'Y Peace Force'. Mae blerwch afiechyd y meddwl yn amharu ar heddwch gymdeithas felli mae rhaid i alw am bobol sydd yn cadw'r heddwch ond ydy bob unigolyn dwedwch yn haeddu goddefgarwch a haelioni gymdeithas? Ond mewn system gyfalafol, gystadleuol ble mae'r amser i gael taw ymysg y storom. O'r ysgol i'r brifysgol i'r gwaith ta gyrfa i briodas i ymddeoliad i'r bedd. A dyna di bywyd? Well os hwnna ydy bywyd dwi wir yn synnu fod 'na ddim canran mwy uchel yn dioddef o afiechyd y meddwl. Roedd y punks yn gweld fod cyfaddawdu yn lladd pobol. Dyna waith y sefydliad chi'n gweld, i wneud yn siŵr mi rydych chi yn cyfaddawdu. Yn sicr, mae natur a geneteg gyda rhan i chwarae ond yr amgylchedd sydd yn bwysicach yn penderfynu os fydd afiechyd y meddwl yn amlygu. Mewn cymdeithas ble mae'r unigolyn yn cael ei werthfawrogi a'i barchu fel enaid holistaidd yn lle uned economaidd i wneud pres a thalu treth cawn weld llai o afiechyd y meddwl ond mae rhaid i ni fel unigolion newid y diwylliant. Mae rhaid i ni droi ein cefnau a'r diwylliant sydd wedi anfon gymaint o'n cyndeidiau yn sâl ac i fedd cynnar. Mae rhaid i ni fynnu gwell.

Saturday, 2 December 2017

It is time

It wont be about Kings, Princes and Sovereignty
there will be no banner waving pageantry
no marches or protest nor musicians
it will be in the silence in the forests of Mid Wales
that will chime
"It is time"
The 'everyman', the ordinary woman
will have had enough of Brexit decay
there wont be a great deal of difference day to day
but there will be a change of mindset.
They've been on about re-wilding for quite a time 
bringing back the wolves and the lynx
but you know it stinks.
It's a game, we're being played
because as soon as we think we are free
they'll hire a marksman and put him in a tree
and as we run and dance in Independence trance
the hired hand, the hit man releases the safety catch
but the bang does not come
because the Green Man has spread some fresh branches
that are choking, caressing and poking
doing everything that the establishment has done to us.
If you look up you will now see
that the sniper has become a part of that tree.
the dull and doltish
will respond to the sparkle
of Meghan Markle
but we the Green Men and Women of the Mid Wales trees
will be re-grouping, re-wilding and re-Welshing
not with a 'ch'
so that you can claim that we betrayed you
or rather betrayed ourselves by becoming one of your battalions
but with a spring in our step and a confidence in our speech
that proclaims "We will siarad Cymraeg even if it kills us"
and then there will be silence again
bar the breaking of the odd sprig of twig  

Thursday, 30 November 2017


Mi wnes i ofyn i'm nhad os oedd o wedi clywed un o'r hen bregethwyr erioed yn gweiddi allan 'rhag eich cywilydd chi" ac na oedd ei ymateb. Felli, rhyw fath o stereoteip dwi wedi rhoi ar weinidogion yr efengyl ond dim heb reswm. Y ddau orthrwm mwyaf o fy llencyndod oedd y capel ag yr ysgol. Un yn Gymraeg ag un yn hollol Saesneg ei naws â'i iaith "You gorra siarad Saesneg if you wanna get on" anaye? Dim yr efengyl nag y gweinidogion oedd y broblem ond y ffaith fod y capel 'in the round',  

"Thomas Williams built it in a style influenced by Emrys ap Iwan's stay in France. It is said to be one of the two remaining round chapels in Wales (although strictly its shape is best described as extended half-round)" 

felli yn lle wynebu'r gweinidog a'r blaenoriaid yn y set fawr roeddech yn wynebu eich cymdogion ag eich gelynion oherwydd hyd yn oed pryd hynny roeddech ddim yn gwybod pwy oedd pwy "Halt who goes there? Friend or Foe?" "Well that all depends" chwedl Jessica Rabbit. Yn fy arddegau cynnar mi roeddwn yn fachgen drwg, yn dwyn pethau o siopau, mwy allan o ddrygioni na 'malicious intent'. Unwaith wnaeth criw o'r ysgol hollol Saesneg gyda fi fel ei arweinydd dorri fewn i glwb bowls ble oedd fy nhad yn aelod ag yfed y pop oedd ar gael mewn crets, 'Cambrian Pop'. Roedd y bowlwyr yn talu tua 12c i dorri syched. Yn anffodus i mi wnaeth aelod o'r capel fy ngweld i yn arwain yr 'Hole in the Wall' gang a deud wrth fy nhad ag mi ddaeth yn stori a all wedi llenwi'r papur bro a thudalen blaen 'Y Goleuad'. Dyna ddigon o 'clues' i chi ym mha dref ogleddol oedd hyn. Felli bob bore Sul ar ôl y 'digwyddiad' roedd rhaid i mi gerdded i'm set o flaen y gynulleidfa, o flaen fy ngwell ac i'r dydd hwn dwi dal yn cael 'issues' o gwmpas cael fy meirniadu oherwydd yn las lanc roeddwn yn teimlo fod y pentref, y dref a'r capel i gyd yn fy meirniadu. Maent yn deud fod yn cymryd pentref i godi plentyn ac mae o'n cymryd rheolau'r pentref yna i dorri fo hefyd. Edrych yn ôl efallai roedd yn anorfod faswn yn beni fyny mewn carchar ar ôl dechrau mor gynnar ar fy nhaith bechadurus. Oherwydd dim ond un cam bach ydy mynd o dorri mewn i glwb bowls a dwyn ei pop i gerdded mewn i fanc a bygwth nhw tase e nhw ddim yn rhoi fy mhres i fi. Felli dyn canol oed erbyn hyn gyda phroblem gydag awdurdod  ag y sefydliad sydd yn sgrifennu hwn yn ei 'Wenglish' orau i geisio dallt y dalltings yn de. Diolch am ddarllen.   

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Cywilydd a Chydwybod

Ar sodlau dyletswyddau a disgwyliadau mae cywilydd a chydwybod yn dod. Unrhyw un sydd wedi cael ei fagu i fynychu Capel yn gyfarwydd iawn â'r ffenomena yma sydd yn mynd gyda'i gilydd fel ceffyl a chert neu gariad a phriodas. "Rhag eich cywilydd chi" fasa rhai o'r hen bregethwyr yn gweiddi allan teswch chi wedi pechu yn rhyw ffordd. Mae'r pellter rhwng y pulpud a'r gynulleidfa yn gallu gwneud y geiriau yma swnio yn fwy pwerus. Cyfiethiad fasa 'Forshame' neu 'Shame on you' ond cyfieithiad llythrenonol i un sydd wedi cael ei boddi yn yr iaith Saesneg buasa "Between you and your shame" yn cymeryd yn ganiataol felli fod gan bawb cywilydd o'r groth? Yn debyg i'r Catholigion ar 'Pechu Gwreiddiol'. Pam fod Pysgotwr Siarcod y Cymry yn gwastraffu ei amser yn meddwl am bethau fel hyn? Well yn y mis diwethaf yn y bowlen pysgodyn aur sydd yn cael ei adnabod fel y Senedd fe welwyd cywilydd a chydwybod yn cael ei chwarae allan mewn sefyllfa Carwyn a Carl. Heb adnabod y ddau fasa rhywun yn deud fod Carl wedi dioddef o ormod o gywilydd a Carwyn wedi dioddef o ddiffyg cydwybod. Mae'n syndod i ynrhyw sinig fel fi fod unrhyw wleidydd gyda chywilydd na chydwybod o gwbl. Croen caled maent yn arddangos ar yr arwynebedd. Ond nid 'act' ydy bron popeth mewn bywyd. Ond beth fydd yr 'Actau' nesaf yn ein bywydau cymunedol? Neu ydyn ni dal yn mwydro ymlaen yn ein ffordd ol Thatcher sef y cwlt o 'unigoliaeth'. Rydym wedi gweld cwymp yn seren unigoliaeth yn ddiweddar gyda phardduo enwau enwogion. Mae glitz a glitter Hollywood wedi colli dipyn o'i sglein ag roedd 'na ryw deimlad yn yr ymwybyddiaeth gymunedol fod na balchder neu oleua rhyddhad fod hwn wedi digwydd. Symud cydbwysedd neu gyfantoledd cymdeithas nol tuag at y canol. Pŵer a thrachwant oedd graidd y broblem tybed neu ddiffyg hunan barch ar ran y dynion yma. Y dynion yma gafodd ei alw yn fwystfilod yn ffeindio fo yn anodd iawn i garu ei hun o oedran ifanc ac wedyn tyfu rhyw fath o neurosis gafodd ei ystofi gan ei sefyllfa bywyd. Mae yn hawdd iawn collfarnu oherwydd dyna'r ffordd rydym ni wedi cael ein cyflyri ein hunan. Ydy o yn syndod wedyn pam mae gymaint o bobol yn glwm i 'unigoliaeth' oherwydd bod nhw yn reddfol yn gwybod beth sydd yn orau iddynt ar sail ag ar gost i gymdeithas. Pwy sydd ar fai yn y fan hyn? Yr unigolyn yn tyfu fyny o'r groth, neu'r gymdeithas mae o yn tyfu fyny ynddi? A gewch chi'r ateb i hyn ar Blog y Pysgotwr Siarcod tybed?    

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Dyletswyddau a Disgwyliadau

Gair diddorol di dyletswydd. Roedd rhaid i mi gecio cyn sgrifennu beth oedd y gwahaniaeth rhwng cyfrifoldeb a dyletswydd. Mewn cyfrifoldeb mae yna elfen o ddewis. Does 'na ddim dewis yn ddyletswydd. Wrth gwrs mi allwch anwybyddu eich dyletswyddau ond wedyn mae'r hen gydwybod yna yn dechrau wafio yn gornel eich isymwybod. Felli o ble mae'r dyletswyddau yma yn dod? Yn bennaf o'r teulu. Gawsoch chi ddim dewis yn eich genedigaeth a dim ots pa mor anodd ydy bywyd mae yna elfen o ddyletswydd tuag at y teulu. Wedyn mae yna ddyletswydd at eich gwlad ag eich iaith. Os rydych wedi cael y rhodd o'r iaith Gymraeg, wedyn mae yn ddyletswydd arnoch chi i ddefnyddio fe? Efallai does gynnon ni ddim dyletswydd i ddim oni bai am Dduw os gaffoch chi eich magu yn y ffydd Gristnogol. Felli dim dewis di Duw? Dyle credu mewn Duw ddim bod yn ddyletswydd. Rhywbeth arall fydol, cysurus, rhywbeth yn debyg i Siôn Corn di Duw? Neu ydy Duw yn enw arall ar ein henaid, ein ffynnon bywyd sydd yn rhoi cysur i ni pan mae'r ddynol rhyw wedi siomi ni tro ar ôl tro. Nhw sydd wedi ein siomi ni neu ein disgwyliadau? Felli ar ysgwydd dyletswyddau neu ddisgwyliadau mae'r bai am ein anhapusrwydd? Beth ddych chi'n meddwl eich bod ddim yn anhapus? Beth sydd yn bod arnoch chi? 
Mae bod yn anhapus yn beth poblogaidd iawn dyddiau yma! Yr oedolion yn anhapus oherwydd ei chyfrifoldebau a'r plant yn anhapus oherwydd ei dyletswyddau? Mae 'na elfen o ansicrwydd a risg ym mhob dydd bellach, beth fydd y newyddion pedwar awr ar hugain yn dod i ni ar y fwydlen heddiw. Pa gyflafan fydd yn treiddio lawr i'r isymwybod cyn nos ac yn gofyn y cwestiwn "A oes gyda ni dyletswydd a chyfrifoldeb at y byd neu waith y gwleidyddion ydy hwnna?" Efallai fydd yr ymateb ddim yr un fath i bob un. Efallai fydd yr ymateb yn dibynnu ar faint eich cydwybod. Ond wedyn fydd rhaid penderfynu ydw i jest am siarad am bethau ar y cyfryngau cymdeithasol neu ydw i am weithredu dros les y blaned? Dim ond y ni all penderfynu na dyletswydd ta cyfrifoldeb ydy hwnna.    

Monday, 20 November 2017

You gorra siarad Saesneg if you wanna get on

I remember Carlo from nineteen sixty nine He always had big ears and a sword on his shoulder He wasn't so good looking, but he seemed to have such status While I had none, I asked my Mam, "How come?" Mother said Carlo was loose and cheap And boys like that ended up on Benefits Street Not like me, I was good, you see Now I saw Carlo in Buck House today He's a bloody prince now in every way So darn rich, people tell me he's a bitch With lovers by the score, do I have to tell you more Oh, you've gorra siarad Saesneg if you wanna get on Principality can only hold you back The only men makin' it are men who are shakin' it They're faking all their morals on the mat It's an act, it's a fact You've gorra siarad Saesneg if you wanna get a name Bein' a good Cymro can only get you hurt Inappropriate behaviour never brought a patriot fame And women will always crave an SNP skirt (kilt to youze) When you read the newspapers every day (No not the Scum) There's always some berk in the letters page of the Western Mail that's having his say By writing the usual bigotry, he makes himself a name And no one blames him, Patriots all do the same But then they get serious and elected to power
and go to the Welsh Assembly and that bullying shower The FM is a Lawyer who's a really shrewd guy And get's the peoples' sympathy by crying and crying

Oh, you've gorra siarad Saesneg if you wanna get on Principality can only hold you back The only men makin' it are men who are shakin' it They're faking all their morals on the mat It's an act, it's a fact You've gorra siarad Saesneg if you wanna get a name Bein' a good Cymro can only get you hurt Inappropriate behaviour never brought a patriot fame And women will always crave an SNP skirt (kilt to youze)
Well, the next time it happens as he starts to write Of his schemes through the days and his plan through the nights And even though it's tasteless, the book sells coast to coast On all the chat shows, you can see him boast And now they're makin' a film of the book And no one gives a damn that the boy was a ham They've got posters obscene, now he's mixin with the cream No one even cares what he's done or where he's been Oh, you've gorra siarad Saesneg if you wanna get on Principality can only hold you back The only men makin' it are men who are shakin' it They're faking all their morals on the mat It's an act, it's a fact You've gorra siarad Saesneg if you wanna get a name Bein' a good Cymro can only get you hurt Inappropriate behaviour never brought a patriot fame And women will always crave an SNP skirt (kilt to youze)

Yes, you've gorra siarad Saesneg if you wanna get on

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Don't you know there's a war on?

I have been bullied by my subconscious to write in the English language again. Ymddiheuriadau likes but I have just returned from a flying visit to the Capital of Wales. If I'd known there was Rugby on at the aptly named Principality Stadium, I wouldn't have bothered. On the train back from Ystum Taf/Llandaff North to Grangetown, after visiting a mate, a Rugby crowd got on at Queen Street Station. A short, rounder version of myself sat diagonally opposite and I thought that he like me was a Billy no mates but lo and behold he  had a wife and son. The son looked scared of him because he was pissed and the wife was watchful of others. When a crowd gets on, I pretend to be asleep but this loser must have known my plan as he proceeded to sneeze with gay abandon across the ail not once, not twice, but five times. I was dying to shout at him "Oy you dirty filthy bastard don't you know that coughs and sneezes spread diseases" but he looked harder than me so I turned my head further away and closed my eyes tighter. An observation that I make that the few times I have had to take the train is that some people do not seem to realise that they are sharing a public space with others. Whether this guy had his Rugby Supporters, Prince of Wales feathers, Daffodil Head feature on or whether he was pissed off  that his team had just scraped a win against Georgia, the Ray Charles tune that I was whistling as I got off at Grangetown. Sneezy and the other dwarfs were bound for Barry Island and possibly beyond. As I sauntered back, the reflection that I ruminated on as I often do is that common courtesy, politeness and manners in the public sphere are dead. Whether it is because so many people, myself included, live lives of banal anonymity that when it comes to match days, or weddings or funerals that there is a need to be seen and heard, I don't know.  
To use another well known 1941-45 epithet which we might do well to heed "Don't you know there's a war on?". There is a war a raging but sneezy and his pals on the shuffle me off this mortal coil special are in denial about it. They forget that George Bush declared a war on terrorism and now and again terrorism is having a pop back at us. Is this not a war? Some of us, the benefit parasites, the work shirkers are waging a war against the commercialisation of Christmas. Just because you work all week and then sneeze your head off on public transport on the weekends doesn't mean your better than us. Some are really looking forward to the holidays whilst the Islamic State and their lone wolves are looking forward to terrorising Christmas. Is this not a war? Some are waging a war against global warming, some, but not enough. Just sticking it in the recycling bag isn't going to cut the mustard Tonto! We are going to have to use less, buy less, consume less, waste less! We are going to have to ration ourselves and our families. We are going to have to pretend that there is a war on, a war against obesity, lethargy, apathy, self hatred, psychiatry, the medical model, bad manners and people who sneeze in public without holding a handkerchief to their trwyns.  


Hitler navigates the A487 from Aberaeron to Aberystwyth

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